Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Miami

Trans-umbilical Breast Augmentation Surgery Procedure

TUBA, or Trans-umbilical breast augmentation, involves introducing a breast implant from the belly button. It uses the abdominal area to get the implants up to the breast area. Once it gets to the breast area, it pours the gel breast implant. This procedure must not be used on someone who already had a breast implant before. Doctors recommend operating on “virgin” skin. Via the navel area, the doctors can avoid scarring the tissue. This procedure does not produce any new scars other than the one already there, the bellybutton. The operation takes about 30 to 40 minutes. It takes less time to recover from a Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation surgery, than a regular breast implant. Since the operation time is shorter, anesthesia-related complications do not appear so often. It also has a low risk of infections and other complications.

When choosing to undergo TUBA surgery, make certain that the doctor has a lot of experience with the TUBA technique. The surgery has a lot of margin of error. At Eres Plastic Surgery, we perform the most TUBA surgeries in Florida. Because of our vast experience, we know how to avoid common mistakes. Our clinic invite you to read our online breast augmentation reviews and see what our patients are saying.

How Does Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Surgery work?

At the start of the operation, the doctor makes a small, 2 centimeter, incision in the navel. Using endoscopic assistance, the doctor creates two tunnels for each implant. When the implant reaches the chest, the doctor injects the silicone-gel implants bellow the breast. If the implants have saline solution instead of silicon, the doctor may fill them up from the inside. This part of the procedure does not use endoscopic assistance.

When placing the implants bellow the muscle, the doctor dissects the pectoral muscles to accommodate the breast. In other cases, he places it over the muscles. In both cases, the doctor then manually places the implants in their respective locations. Since the surgery does not take a long time, it usually uses local anesthesia. If the implants rupture, the doctor can do TUBA surgery to replace the bad implants with new ones. The replacement surgery usually hurts less. It uses the old tracts created the first time, in order to replace the transplant. In rare cases, the tracks leading up to the breast remain visible.

Breast Enhancement Procedures: Why TUBA?

With the TUBA surgery come a number of benefits including:

  • No scars near the breast
  • More natural looking breast a lot quicker.
  • Less than 1% chance of losing sensitivity in the nipples.
  • Hardly any bleeding complications.
  • No size limit to implants. They can be easily exchanged, enlarged or removed. There are three implant options.
  • Doesn’t have post-operative side effects such as nausea or vomiting.
  • Less pain after the operation.
  • Does not require any special bra or tapping.
  • The patient may shower and resume most normal activities a day after the surgery.
  • Capsule contractures, at most, ranges from 1% to 2%.

Preparations before the Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation Operation

Before any operation, you must first prepare emotionally. You need to have a realistic expectation of the end results. You need a clean bill of health before undergoing the Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation operation. Before hand, you must tell your doctor the size of the cup you wish to have. To prevent infections, you need to wash your skin and hair with anti-bacterial liquid soap. You should stop taking aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory, for at least two weeks, before going to surgery. Have your doctor give you a list of all medicines you should avoid before surgery. Ideally, anyone regardless of age can get a TUBA surgery. However, women with thin torsos cannot get super large implants. The torso cavity simply would not allow it. The patient should stop smoking for at least two weeks, before undergoing surgery. Patients who have high blood pressure, diabetes or heart problems should avoid surgery. When those conditions stabilize, then you are ready to undergo a Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation.

TUBA surgery Miami

Eres Plastic Surgery Implant Position

Operation Procedures

On the day of the operation, the doctor will give you a mild sedative. When you relax, his attendants will take you to the operating room. There, the Anesthesiologist administers local anesthesia. After the surgery, you can go home after a few hours. Have a friend drive you home, since the anesthesia leaves you a bit groggy.

Eres Plastic Surgery Recovery

For the Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Miami, the recovery period ranges from 1 to 2 weeks. After the first two days, the patient may resume his regular activities. Patients should avoid putting pressure on the beasts. Due to the small incision, the patient may be able to take a shower. The patient still needs to be careful with the surgery tape. During those two weeks, the patient should attend scheduled checkups. It has been reported that some patients experience a lot of pain, after six days. Patients must take painkillers before the surgery. At home, they may resume their daily routines. They may go back to work after the first week. Have a friend check up on you from time to time. While you recover, you must eat a healthy diet, and avoid smoking. Also, massage your breast and your belly during the recovery period. This will help erase the twin tracks left on your belly.

Minor Complications with TUBA Breast Implants Florida

If the capsule contracts patients may require open surgery in order to revise the problem. This cannot be corrected with TUBA surgery. In rare cases, the paths leading up to the breast do not fade. However, such cases only occurred during the development stages of the procedure. These days all tracks tend to disappear over time.

Chest X-ray showing bilateral breast

Chest X-ray showing bilateral tuba breast implants.

In a few rare cases, the patient suffers from mild infections or hematomas. If the muscle gets scrapped, the hematomas may feel particularly painful. If you experience any sharp pains, you should contact your doctor. The main issue with TUBA surgery has to do with the margin of error. Inexperience doctors may end up giving their patients really messed up, asymmetrical implants. It takes the experienced hand to obtain optimal results for this surgery. If any asymmetry occurs, the doctor can fix it on the spot.

Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation Costs

The TUBA surgery costs depend on the size, and type of breast. Saline solution breast implants cost $4700. For the silicone implants, they cost roughly $5700. Overall, the prices in the US range from $4000-$7000.

Does my Insurance cover TUBA surgery Miami?

Insurance does not cover TUBA surgery since patients perform it for cosmetic reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation

Will the TUBA tracks take forever to go away?
Normally, tracks get smoothed out after a few weeks. Massaging the area helps. In some rare cases, the tracks won’t smooth out.
Will I have asymmetrical breasts?
There is no need to worry. Dr. Anthony Hasan is one of the most experienced surgeons performing this procedure, and a pioneer at implementing such in Miami with over 20,000 TUBA breast implants successfully performed. He has never had any asymmetrical problems. Plus, most patients naturally have asymmetrical breasts. During the operation, the doctor can easily correct the asymmetry by controlling the size of the implants. As such, you can go from asymmetrical to symmetrical pretty easily.
Does the implant warranty apply to Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation?
The implant simply gets rolled up and placed into your breast. No outside objects can puncture the implant. As such, the manufactured warranty still applies to TUBA implants.
I just got my navel pierced. Will it cause any problems?
If you just got the navel pierced, and it gets infected, you might have to remove the piercing and let it heal before surgery. With an old piercing, the doctor might simply remove the piercing and sterilize the area during the operation. You must also have washed it with anti-bacteria, before the operation. You can put on your piercing again, after the operation.
Does TUBA cost more than regular breast implants?
Some doctors may charge you more for it. Generally speaking, Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation costs a lot less than regular breast implant techniques; the reason being that it takes less time and it uses only local anesthesia.
If I have old breast implants and I need to have them refilled. Can I still do a TUBA surgery?
Yes, you can have a TUBA surgery. Via the navel, we can work our way up your capsules and have them refilled.
I heard that it was possible to get non-surgical breast augmentation, how does that work?
Non Invasive Aesthetics procedures like Macrolane, can have results similar to breast implants but on a much lower scale, for more permanent results use TUBA Surgery.
How long will my navel and my tummy feel sore after the operation?
It varies from patient to patient. Most of the discomfort originates from the pectorals muscles, which get dissected from the wall to accommodate the breast implants. The abdominal muscle hardly gets affected. Overall, the patients may experience a mild discomfort. Like the kind you get when you do too much exercise. This discomfort usually goes away after a week.
I want my TUBA done bellow the pectoral muscles. Is that possible?
Some doctors say it cannot be done. More experience doctors Dr. Hasan can place the implants partially beneath the pectoral muscle. It all depends on the doctor’s experience.
I heard the FDA does not approve Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation. Why is that?
The FDA has never approved any breast enlargement surgeries yet. They approve the surgical instruments and the materials used for the surgery, but not the process itself. So far, those that underwent a TUBA surgery have not suffered any serious side effects.
Updated on: October 21st, 2016