Neograft Miami

In recent years there has been a lot of advancement in the hair transplant industry with a procedure called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Neograft® is the machine employed to execute such procedure. Quality neograft Miami comes only from a team with experience and a physician leading them. Hair transplant with neograft Miami is an easy but intensive procedure that requires and skilled surgeon.

Each patient has different needs and cosmetic goals. Neograft Miami is a great tool that when in the right hands can achieve great individualized results. You wouldn’t want this equipment in the wrong hands. At Eres Plastic Surgery we understand it’s not the machine but our physicians the ones who achieve the results you are looking for. Choose this efficient and cost effective method for FUE harvesting and you won’t regret it.

What is Neograft hair transplant?

NeoGraft Miami is a system delivering outstanding hair transplant results. This system automatizes the FUE technique, which is the most advanced technique currently available in the hair transplant industry. The system uses pneumatic controls to extract hair follicles with precision. This system provides exact harvesting and delivers great results. Each follicle is removed individually and comfortably. You will have natural-looking hair and the youthful look you desire.

Latest hair transplant technology

FUE technology can also be done manually but it’s time consuming and it limits the number of grafts taken in one session. NeoGraft® is a more modern and efficient technique. ARTAS is also one of the latest technologies in FUE hair restoration. It uses regular software and hardware upgrades just like Neograft. This system provides the doctor critical information to make better decisions for your treatment plan. ARTAS tracks every harvest site and sets the right spacing for a natural look on the donor area.

How does Neograft work? Neograft hair transplant Step by StepÂ

Step 1: Select the donor area always taking into consideration the UF density in square centimeters and the thickness of the hair, shaving the hair approximately 1 mm in length.

Neograft hair transplant - Step 1

Step 2: Applying local anesthesia with Lidocaine-adrenaline, and when tumescence is desired, Sodium Chloride is applied.

Neograft hair transplant - Step 2

Step 3: Follicular units are extracted with micropunches and suction using the NeoGraft® system.

Neograft hair restoration - Step 3

Step 4: Preparing and filling the FU according to the amount of hair. This preparation helps with the process at the time of the implantation.

Neograft hair restoration - Step 4

Step 5: Applying local anesthesia in the receiving area without tumescence and micropunches, according to hair orientation.

Hair transplant neograft - Step 5(fase 1)
Hair transplant neograft - Step 5(fase 2)

Step 6: Implanting FU in the recipient area with NeoGraft® using positive pneumatic pressure.

Neograft miami - Step 6

Neograft hair transplant benefits

  • This method yields natural hair and and it’s efficient on both men and women.
  • Non-invasive technique with micropunches employed by using an automated system, pain free, without discomfort during and after the procedure.
  • Pleasant recovery. Most patients can return to their daily activities on the very next day.
  • Very effective as it guarantees hair survival and the hair will continue growing in a healthy-looking way.

Neograft hair transplant cost

Neograft® has become a very popular tool among prestigious surgeons in the cosmetic field. The usual cost for this procedure ranges between $3,000 and $5000 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions about NeoGraft Miami

What is automated hair transplant?
It is an advanced and revolutionary technique in the field of hair transplant performed with NeoGraft by extracting follicular units with micro punches of approximately 0.8mm in order to implant them on areas of hair loss or alopecia.
Is hair transplant effective?
The success rate of this procedure is high as advanced techniques are employed with an automated system such as NeoGraft and ARTAS FUE where the survival of the follicular unit can be over 98%.
How do I know if I’m a good candidate for this procedure?
Making a throughout evaluation on each patient will determine the availability, density, of follicles on the donor area, hair texture, and the receiving area (Type I-V of the Norwood Hamilton scale). Both men and women are good candidates for this procedure. Young people are not good candidates unless they have realistic expectations since this procedure is not used to stop future hair loss that may come naturally with age.
Is this procedure painful?
The FUE hair transplant procedure is not painful. It’s done under local anesthetic, which may cause mild discomfort when injected into the scalp. Besides that, it should be pain free.
How does hair look after being transplanted?
Hair follicles form small scabs that tend to disappear within 4-6 days of being transplanted. Then hair will start growing on the 3rd month showing healthy and steady growth. Your hair will look natural.
How long does transplanted hair last?
Taking into account that follicular units are removed from areas with hormone deficiency, they will keep these characteristics making the transplants permanent.
How soon can I resume my daily activities?
Except for strenuous physical activity, heavy lifting, some sports, and staying in the sun for too long, patients can go back to their daily routine the day after the procedure.
Updated on: October 21st, 2016