Laser Lipo Miami

What is Laser Lipo Miami Treatment?

Over the years many people start getting localized fat deposits in certain parts of the body and turn up to different alternatives to get rid of those areas with flabby skin and fatty deposits. One of the most innovative and minimally invasive treatments, approved by the FDA, is the Laser Lipo Slimming. It treats the undesired areas safely by carrying a wave of laser light to break up fat cells and stimulate collagen production to tighten the skin.

How does Laser Lipo work?

laser lipo Miami

This incredible technique melts away the fat deposits in different areas of the body such as, arms, back, hips, abdomen, thighs and waist. The laser light deeps beneath the skin just for a few millimeters, aiming the adipocytes or fatty cells which later on are going to be drained into the Lymphatic system that is what is called triglycerides. The triglycerides are going to enter into the metabolic process and dispose partially by the urinary track.

Certain amount of calories worth of fat are going to be released during the entire procedure into the body. These calories are going to be cleansed out of the system to avoid having them redeposit in another part of the body. This step depends completely on the individual. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluid the day of the treatment.

In the same way it is suggested to abstain from eating at least two hours before the Laser Lipo and two hours after. This is called to burn up some of the calories. Other advises are to do some cardiovascular exercises and avoid carbohydrates.

The laser lipo treatment is done in the office and takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half depending on the area treated. Patient downtime is minimal, and patients drive themselves home after the procedure and return to their normal activities the same day. Patients considering this procedure should be in good overall health, and have realistic expectations for the results.

What are the Benefits of the Treatment?

This laser lipo miami treatment is meant to be appropriate for all kinds of candidates. Much better for those individuals that are in good health, eat conveniently well, drink enough water and exercise regularly. The treatment better response and success leans on each individual’s clean lymphatic system. Below some of the advantages of the Laser Lipo technique:

  • Lose inches permanently on the first visit
  • Perform up to three times a week without any risk to the patient
  • Completely painless
  • Remarkably affordable
  • Common areas include Abdomen, Arms, Waist, Neck, Thighs & Flanks
  • No adjacent structures are affected
  • Promote tighter skin tone
  • Cellulite reduction and a slimmer, tighter shape
  • No pain, no needles and no down time

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Laser Lipo Treatment?

Laser lipo treatment

Healthy individuals who have finally decided achieve their goals and do not have any medical condition or life-threatening sickness. Patients bothered by excess fat deposits and individuals with a positive outlook and specific idea in mind for body contouring are also good candidates for this innovative technique.

What are the risks of the Laser Lipo Miami?

This is meant to be a very low risk technique. There are no problems with dimpling, nerve damage, or puckered skin. The burning risk depends on the doctor and the monitoring of the temperature.

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Updated on: August 11, 2014