Labiaplasty Miami

Labiaplasty Surgery reduces the size of either the major or minor labia walls. These folds surround the woman’s vulva. Research shows that 38% of women who seek this surgery did so to correct a functional impairment. As such, works as both a cosmetic and a corrective surgery. Doctors would not operate on a woman with STDs. Such patients require a gynecologist, not a plastic surgeon. Since the labium varies in size and texture, each doctor must determine the ideal amount of labia reduction.

Benefits of Labiaplasty Miami

This procedure has two major benefits. It increases hygiene, and symmetry; and it may also boost self-confidence in some patients. This procedure decreases irritation of the labia area caused by tight clothing. It can also remove some of the physical discomfort caused by some activities, during certain exercises, or during intercourse. In addition, many female patients report reaching orgasms faster after this surgery has been performed on them.

How long does the Labia Reduction last?

Labiaplasty usually lasts for a lifetime. Childbirth does not undo the surgery. As a matter of fact, labiaplasty tends to make it easier to give birth.

Ideal Candidates for Labiaplasty Surgery

The ideal candidate must not have any STDs. Usually, women who experience changes after child birth or major weight loss, seek out a labiaplasty. The patient must be in good health and be a nonsmoker. If they smoke, they must stop for at least three weeks before the operation. Patients of any age can get this surgery done. Teenagers need their parents’ consent for this type of operation. The patient must not be menstruating on the day of surgery.

Labiaplasty Procedures and Techniques:

Labia reduction surgery

Labia reduction usually gets done with another gynecology procedure. Depending on the procedure, the surgeon may apply local or general anesthesia. Usually, the operation lasts one hour. The doctor then applies an anesthetic solution over the labia. Then the doctor makes and incision in the labia major or minor and cuts away excess amount. When he finishes removing the extra amount, the doctor then sutures the wound. This procedure can be done in five different ways depending on the area that requires fine tuning.

Edge Resection:

In this procedure, the doctor surgically removes excess skin from the edges of the labia minora. Sometimes, the surgeon uses a clamp across the area that needs to be treated. The clamp stops blood flow to the area, and it allows the surgeon to then suture the wound. This technique allows for complete control of the labia edges.

The linear wound may also be used to mold the contours of the tissues around the clitoral hood. This technique causes loss of wrinkles of the labia minora’s free edges. Without the wrinkles, the labia minora looks unnaturally perfect. It also may break a few labia nerves and expose the hidden pink, labia tissues.

Central Wedge Resection:

This method involves the cutting and removing of the thickest wedged tissue from the thickest segment of the labia minus. This technique preserves the natural wrinkles of the labia minora. When used with a Z pasty technique, it produces a more refined surgical scar. This technique may numb the labia nerves. It also has a greater margin of error. The surgeon may either remove too much or not enough labia wedges.


This technique requires the cutting of the surface tissue of the labia minus. The surgeon cuts around the middle and back part of the labia tissues. This cut can be done with either a scalpel or a laser beam. This technique maintains the wrinkles and sensations. However, the width of the labium might increase. Should it occur, the patient may require a second operation in order to achieve full reduction.

Labiaplasty with Clitoral Unhooding:

In this technique, the clitoral hood gets resected. The doctor sutures the hood in a V pattern and shapes the skin to form a Y shape. The uncovering of the hood also tightens the labia tissues.

Laser Labiaplasty :

This technique combines de-epithelialization with lasers. Instead of using a scalpel, this technique uses laser beams. The only disadvantage comes about when the laser removes far too much labium epidermis.

Labiaplasty surgery

Risks of Labiaplasty Miami

There are a few risks associated with this minor surgery:

  • Bleeding, infections, hematomas, blood cloths and bacteria
  • Sometimes the wound opens up
  • At worst the patient may experience temporary or permanent numbing of the labia area
  • Their clitoris may look bigger
  • Labia may become asymmetrical, wrinkled, discolored or swollen
  • Discomfort during intercourse

Preparations before Labiaplasty Surgery at Eres PLastic Surgery

For this operation, a patient needs a clean bill of health. They must carefully wash the area that will be treated. Before undergoing surgery, the patient must stop taking aspirin or any other medication that may cause bleeding. They need to stop smoking for at least two weeks and arrange to have someone drive you home.

Procedures on the Day of the Operation

On the day of your surgery, the Anesthesiologist applies a mild sedative. When patients fall asleep, the doctor injects them with local anesthesia. When the anesthesia takes effect, the doctor performs the surgery. When the doctor finishes, the patient can go back home after resting for one to two hours. If the patient wishes it, she may be allowed to stay overnight.

Recovery after Labia Reduction

The patient returns to work after four days; the simpler the procedure, the shorter the recovery time. Strenuous works should be avoided for at least a month. Intercourse should also be avoided for six weeks. On the first day, the patient should have someone taking care of her. On that day, she should not get out of bed. Patients must also go to their schedule appointments with their plastic surgeon. During the recovery period, the surgeon must check up how the wound recovers. He also may determine if the patient needs further revisions. If the patient has her period during her recovery time, she must not wear tampons. They must also not wear any restrictive clothing or thong underwear. The swelling usually last for 1 to 4 months.

Labiaplasty Cost

Labiaplasty costs around $2,500 - $5,000. When the procedure requires reduction of both the upper and lower labia, the prices may be as high as $10,000. In the end, it all depends on the patient’s needs and the experience of the surgeon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Labiaplasty Miami

Can labiaplasty be performed with vaginoplasty?
Many women prefer to perform both procedures together. Surgeons can both reduce the labia sizes and perform a vaginal tightening procedure. However, this is up to the patient to decide whether she wants these procedures performed together or separate.
Doctor, can you tell me the pros and cons of Wedge or Trim method?
Wedge Pros: The wedge method produces transverse scars, about 1/3 centimeters. Cons: This technique may only be performed in the mid labia area and it requires 2 incisions in the clitoris. It extends to deeper portions of the labia and it creates a visible edge. Trim Pros: With this technique, the entire labia may be treated. It only requires one incision in the clitorial hood. This technique may be used to operate in an area that does not have too much blood flow. Trim Cons: This technique produces a visible linear scar.
After birth, my doctor sewed my labia tissues together. Can you help me?
I do not think your doctor sewed them together on purpose. Sometimes during childbirth, the labia tissues get damaged. During the recovery period, both labias may have fussed together. It rarely happens, however, such a problem can be easily corrected. Simply, the plastic surgeon creates an incision between both labias. The end results produces a smaller, more separated labia. You do not need general anesthesia for this procedure. For a few days, you may feel some mild discomfort but it will eventually subside.
How may I find out if I even need a labiaplasty?
Some women seek a labiaplasty because they feel self-conscious about the size of their outer lips. They may also not like how their inner lips stick out or perhaps they feel discomfort during intercourse or when doing physical activities. Others simply hate the way it looks. If you fall within any of these scenarios, then you may be able to have a labiaplasty. In the end, it all depends on the patient’s preferences.
How old does a patient need to be to receive a labiaplasty?
A patient needs their parent’s consent if they have yet to turn 18. However, I suggest you consult the board of surgeons for children bellow 15. Also, parents cannot compel their young children into getting a labiaplasty.
What happens if I have intercourse before the end of the six week recovery period?
Depending on the technique, you may have intercourse after three weeks. If your surgeon forbade you having intercourse for six weeks, I advise you follow his mandate. At worst, the sutures may open causing a lot of bleeding. Intercourse may feel particularly painful during the initial recovery period.
Updated on: October 21st, 2016