Butt Implants Miami – Butt Augmentation

Butt Implants or Buttock augmentation is the plastic surgery and liposculpture cosmetic procedure that corrects congenital, defects and deformities of the gluteal region or Buttocks. Buttocks augmentation can simply help your gluteus region look better and solve many self-esteem problems by the aesthetic enhancement of the contour of the gluteus. In Eres Plastic Surgery Miami, we provide patients who wish a But implant with the best care and best team of specialized plastic surgeons in Florida and South Florida.

The procedures of buttock augmentation Miami that corrects and repairs buttock area include buttock emplacement thorough a butt implant, and lipsculpture that will perfect the buttock area by correcting a particular defect or deformity of the gluteal region. Furthermore, this plastic surgery can be performed to men and women.

This plastic surgery procedure can be performed on women to accentuate and enhance the anatomic curvature of the gluteus in order to establish a more feminine buttocks and hips. Buttock implants are a response to those who wish to display a curvy body that or simply want to increase the volume of your "derriere". Although the basic technique of the plastic surgery is very similar to implants used in breast implants, or buttock implant are different. The reason is simple. Gluteal implants must withstand the weight of the person and the pressure to walk or exercise, so the silicone gel implants contain high density and cohesiveness, and may not be. People with buttock implants must be careful to avoid intramuscular injections that area.

There are different forms of implants there is the round or oval (also called an anatomic implant). The best way to make a good choice is to consult with our plastic surgeon specialized In Butt Implants Miami, who according to his experience and knowledge, can advise the best alternative. Keep in mind that a truly aesthetic work requires not only a professionalism and experience of the cosmetic surgeon, but also years of experience of obtain the natural and aesthetics results that we offer in Eres Plastic Surgery. In order to preformed procedure plastic surgeon must assess the quality and texture of your skin, and the particular structure of your buttocks , your lower back , hips and thighs , and how these areas will be affected after buttock implants.


Buttocks augmentation is a relatively simple cosmetic surgery. The plastic surgeon makes a cut of five to eight inches between the buttocks to form a pouch or pocket where the implant is inserted. The implant is placed between the muscles and fat to help heal the implant in place. The cuts are made with absorbable sutures and the patient can go home the same day with a special bandage that will be in place for three to five days. After the surgery the patient’s mobility will be difficult and restricted, requiring rest for several days, is no until the second week that the patients can move. At firs patients should avoid sitting directly in the buttocks or lying in their back for at least three to maximize the surgery results. Following buttock augmentation bruising and swelling may appear and remain for a few days, but they will disappear eventually to minimize this swelling compression garments may be worn. You may also feel some numbness that will pass. Our excellent qualify plastic surgeon will personally show the patient techniques to massage the buttock area to reduce inflammation. The inflammation and pain can also be relieved with analgesics, but in general patients can return to normal activity after a month of buttock implant cosmetic surgery.

The perfect candidate to receive a Butt Implant

A Butt Implant can enhance and firm the natural curves for patients who are not happy with the shape and fullness of their gluteus area. This surgical procedure can also add volume and roundness to a flat or small butt. Candidates to undergo buttock augmentation are those women or men who want to raise, enhance and define their buttocks. It is important to note that this surgery like liposuction, is not just for overweight patients, the fact that patients who are at their ideal weight can undergo this procedure to contour areas that are difficult to control even with diet and exercise, such as those located in the lower back above the buttocks.

Butt Implants with Silicone

Butt implants come in a variety of sizes and shape to best fit each patient according to their body type and their goal. These implants are made of soft silicone which gives a form and still smooth and natural feel. At Eres Plastic surgery Miami, our qualify plastic surgeon will help you choose the best option for you to obtain the best results you can get.

The silicone implants are place away from important nerves and away from the bony area in which you sit, so the patient will have normal sensation to the butt area. Once the implant is in place the upper and outer parts of the butt become more firm and round. This procedure takes from 1 to 2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Small incisions are made in the depression areas between the buttocks and, there is almost no visible scar.

Silicone implants have been around for a long time now, to be precise for more than 60 years. Nowadays silicone implants are use as I mention before, to enhance and shape different parts of the body. These implants use to contour the body are very flexible and soft to give a natural appearance to the part of the body to which is implanted. Silicone implants are also durable and safe meaning you can have them your entire life without giving you any problems. In 1990 silicone in breast implants was thought to cause autoimmune disease which was later revoked after many studies that proved that silicone implants are perfectly safe and do not cause any disease. Buttock implants Miami, are made of solid silicone yet still soft which are safer and more durable. Butt implant or any other body implants are comparable to the same silicone that surrounds many cardiac pacemakers. Another example is joint replacement which ate made with the same solid silicone as plastic surgery implants. As you can see silicone used for buttocks augmentation has been used in many other procedures without any complications.

Where is the surgery performed?

There are multiple doctors at Eres Plastic Surgery Miami, who are board certified with great skills and experience in Buttock augmentation procedure. All are board certified and have an acquired wealth of experience, expertise and very high ranking in patient satisfaction. Eres Plastic surgery Miami has a team of surgeons who are all members of respected and accredited organizations in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Buttock augmentation is always performed in Eres Miami operating room, providing the best or most advance technology which guarantees exceptional results. It can be an outpatient procedure depending on the extent of the surgery, which means that the same day of the surgery the patient be able to leave walking, tolerating food and with little pain. Note that patients should be realistic and be aware of the real expectations.

The surgical technique and Process

The Buttock augmentation in Miami is done through incisions of 2.5 mm in hidden places of the buttock. After the incisions liposuction cannulas are introduced first to remove any excess fat from the hips, thus shaping the buttocks. The fat that is removed is prepared and then injected into the gluteal muscles. Buttock augmentation surgery reaches volumes ranging from a slight increase to a very large with butt implants of ( 500 ml ). There is different cost depending on the implant size. In After a buttock surgery Miami you will look natural and elegant.

Pre-operative process

In order to accomplish the best results that can be and the body image expectations of the patient, Eres Miami plastic surgeon constructs a realistic surgery plan to correct the imperfections of the gluteus. The location of the surgical scars by the patient in dependence of what he or she wants, then the surgeon will determine the best surgical position that will allow proper exposure of the butt area to perfect. Before the surgery the tumescent fluids and anesthetic are going to be determined by the plastic surgeon and the anesthesiologist to prevent any complications like overdose. Once the patient is ready, the plastic surgeon places him or she in a manner in which the patients buttock area to be corrected is exposed. The usual position is face down, but the patient can also be position is a lateral manner. The plastic surgeon can mark the areas to be corrected in the patient’s body to guide him before the patient goes under the anesthesia.


Butt Augmentation miami hialeah broward

After the patient is place in position in the operation table, the plastic surgeon makes incisions in the marked area to start liposuction or removal of excess fat. After liposuction the plastic surgeon will infiltrate the area with anesthesia a tumescence drugs, this volume is apply gradually to the buttock area to avoid touching nerves and deeper structures of the gluteus muscle. The types of cannula will be determine in dependence of the specific feature to be contoured, this is use to collect the excess adipose.

Post-operative process

After the plastic surgeon has completed the corrections to the Buttocks and the lipoinjections that shapes the patients butt area, the plastic surgeon will carefully examine the patient to ensure the best recovery possible. Also each surgical incision is examine to make sure that are correctly sutured and taped, this will ascertain the healing of the buttock muscle tissues to prevent any future complications. Exercises or any other physical activities should be avoided at least for 3 weeks after the butt augmentation surgery. Our plastic surgeon will prepare you will prepare each patient in how to take care of surgical incisions and, how to wear the compression garment properly. Knowing and being informed of the port-operative process will ensure better results.


As motion before the results to the Buttock implants can be seen immediately after the surgery. However, the plastic surgeon advices the patient that usually the final results can only be seen after at least 6 months, this is all depending tissue-healing and also on each patient’s body. It also depends on how well the patient takes care of himself, by fallowing all the indications dictated by the plastic surgeon. For example, the patient should wear a compression garment to contain swelling and to immobilize the area. It is also advice massage and ultrasound therapy to corrected area to prevent unevenness or wrinkles and to reduce swelling. If this recommendations are fallow as instructed patients will have the desire results without any complications.

Complications of Buttock augmentation or Butt Implants

There are complications to any surgical procedure. Buttocks augmentation with fat or silicone implants has complications such as physiologic which are toxic reactions to anesthetic, tumescent drugs. There are also complications to the nervous system; these might cause numbness to the corrected area in the buttock region. Also there are psychological complications for example results don’t met the before and after buttocks lift and shape the patients expected. Others complications to the butt implants might include, infections, rupture of the implant, asymmetry, shifting of the implant and, injury to nerves or muscles. Sometimes is necessary a second surgery to correct problems or if the patient wants and even more full buttock. Note that these complications are very rare and for the most part the patient is satisfy with the overall results of a butt implant or butt lift.


The outcome of this plastic surgery depends on the specific deformity the patients wants to correct. If the patient wishes to enlarge and perfect their buttock shape after they have tried everything including dieting and exercise, a butt augmentation might be the solution they have been looking for. A Buttock augmentation Miami shapes the butt and reduces fat and cellulitis. Patients who enlarge their butt can enjoy of a more full and shapely body silhouette. In Eres Plastic surgery Miami this can be accomplish with the most technological advance surgical equipment. This is a plastic surgery in which the result can be seen immediately. However, few months are needed to achieve the final effect, as it takes time for the inflammation to pass. For a while many men and women have wanted to have a more contoured and firm buttocks, and although they have made diet and exercise, have not succeeded. This surgery provides the opportunity to achieve this effect in a safe and effective manner. It also provides the advantage that after the recovery process you can resume your activities and live a normal life which includes normal physical activity that will help maintain results for much longer. We encourage you to get that stylish touch that is missing from figure with the plastic surgeon experts in Eres Miami. The team of surgeons at Eres Plastic Surgery Miami has a high success rates. Eres Plastic Surgery has some of Miami`s most trusted surgeons offering the best possible service and care for their patients. Our surgeons are all active members of various professional and scientific societies with many published scientific articles.

Updated on: October 21st, 2016