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Eres Plastic Surgery is the most comprehensive center in South Florida with a medical office conveniently located in Miami.

All our surgeries are performed by a specialized medical team of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons and Anesthesiologists to provide clinical services with the highest quality standards.

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Plastic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

It is the area of plastic surgery that deals with healthy patients and helps correct abnormalities, improve aesthetics and repair the effects of aging by also adding a greater sense of body harmony. As the person’s body image and general physical appearance perception changes, he or she can also reap the benefits of more emotional stability and self-esteem and be able to succeed as a person, professional, and in society as a whole. It can also improve t...(line truncated)...

There are always general risks involved in any surgery. Although the percentage of complications in cosmetic surgery is very low, among other reasons, this is due to the fact that cosmetic surgeries are performed on superficial tissues and are conducted in healthy patients. The risks are reduced even more if you go to a cosmetic surgery specialist and the procedure is performed at a center with all the necessary medical equipment and professional care s...(line truncated)...

It all depends on which type of procedure is performed. Patients should wear loose fitting clothing on the day of the surgery, go to the bathroom prior to surgery and they cannot eat the morning before surgery, among others. Professional details are thoroughly explained to each patient depending on the type of procedure.

Like in any surgical procedure, there is pain involved in the first few days and it varies from person to person. However, the pain is tolerable with analgesics.

In general, during the recovery period you should not have to lie all day . Fulfilling medical indications may vary from 3 to 21 days, depending on each procedure.

Different procedures can be performed as long as the surgery doesn’t take that long and the patient goes through a standard pre-surgical evaluation.

If there are not any major complications, the patient should not have to replace the implants.

It depends primarily on each procedure although factors such as comorbidities and the postoperative care can modify the normal evolution of the surgery process.

Facial fillers, Botox application and placement of thread lift are minor procedures which allow the patient to fix the first signs of facial aging.

There is no relationship between breast implants and cancer and no scientific evidence to prove it.

Breast surgery cannot interrupt the connections between the glands and ducts in the breast leading to the nipple therefore it doesn’t affect the ability of the mother to nurse her baby.

Although the areas treated by liposuction generally don’t increase in body weight, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise plan.

There are semi-permanent and permanent dermal or facial fillers. The duration ranges from months to years, depending on the type of filler used.

As a general rule, and when a cosmetic surgery is performed, you must wait until you are at least 18 years of age in order to have full development and growth. Although in the event that the surgery is used to correct birth defects, for example, or strongly arched protruding ears, then the surgery can be performed much earlier.

Nothing will happen to your implants when you are at extreme altitudes. The implants cannot be affected by scuba diving either; even when diving to significant depths.

It is very important to follow antibiotic and analgesic treatment as directed by your doctor. No heavy physical exercise and communicating any doubts or symptoms you may be experiencing with your doctor.

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The Most Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Clinic in Miami, Florida

Welcome to the largest Cosmetic Surgery center in South Florida. Eres Cosmetic Surgery has a well-equipped medical office, conveniently located in Miami. Eres Miami, is a plastic surgery center that offers the widest range of aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries throughout the state, including:

Tummy tuck Miami

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

An Abdominoplasty, commonly known as a Tummy Tuck. This procedure entails removal of skin and fat, and the tightening of the abdominal musculature, with the ultimate goal of giving an aesthetically beautiful waist. Read more..

Breast Augmentation Miami

Breast Implants with Saline or Gel

Breast Augmentation surgery or augmentation mammoplasty, is the surgical procedure used to increase the size of the breasts and improve their symmetry by using implants. It is also aimed to give back breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy.Read more

Liposuction Miami

Laser Liposuction and Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction, also referred as Lipoplasty or Smart Lipo, is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which excess fat cells are eliminated from under the skin by suction. This procedure has become very popular and it is considered to be the number one procedure requested of plastic surgeons today. Read more..

Brazilian Butt Lift Miami

Brazilian Butt Lift (Buttock Augmentation)

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure at Eres Cosmetic Surgery is a form of Buttocks Augmentation that reshapes and also enhances the size of a patient’s gluteal region so that better fits the figure and provides a captivating, prominent rear end. Read more..

Face Lift Miami

Face Lift Miami (Blepharoplasty)

A face lift is a simple plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin from the eyelids utilizing upper and lower eyelid surgery as well as the fatty buildup of both eyelids and ears. Read more..

Varicose Veins removal Miami

Varicose Veins (Sclerotherapy)

Varicose Veins, sometimes known as Spider Veins are dilated veins characterized by the inability to establish an efficient return of blood to the heart. This procedure will improve your entire immune system and physically aesthetic. Read more..

Arm Reduction Miami

Arm Reduction or Leg Reduction

Excess skin can cause limitations, both aesthetic and functional. A thigh lift (also called Thighplasty) can offer a solution.
This surgical procedure is designed to improve the shape and smoothness of the legs and arms. Read more..

Hair Transplant Miami

Hair Transplant Miami (Scalp Reduction)

Hair transplant procedure is widely used to treat cases of hereditary baldness or baldness caused by an accident or stress. This may be utilized to treat men suffering from male pattern baldness. Read more..

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